Ola heard the oboe for the first time at a young age and then she began learning in earnest how to play it. After finishing preliminary training at the secondary music school, she moved to Gdynia in order to continue her education. Following graduation, she made the decision regarding her future and, most importantly, the direction she wanted to take as an artist. In 2021, she graduated from the Academy of Music in Gdansk with a doctorate in music performance. Additionally, she furthered her studies at the HMDK Stuttgart and HfK Bremen, where she worked with Christian Hommel, the oboist of the renowned Ensemble Modern. After several years, they met again during the International Ensemble Modern Academy, to participate in which she was expressly invited. Ola’s main focus is classical contemporary music. So far, she has worked with the internationally recognised composers such as Sungji Hong, Piotr Grella – Możejko, Mark Andre, Ana Lara, Stefano Pierini, Gwyn Pritchard, and Jack Vees