• „.., outstanding oboist… [her] interpretations impress and hypnotise […]”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jerry A Ozipko „Śląsk” [„Silesia”], NO 337, October 2023, p. 74 


  • Ms. Panasik’s interpretations of these stellar works is both mesmerizing and captivating. The sound quality of the recording is superb. As a listener I found the frequency range to be extremely wide and the variety of timbres, both from the soloist and the accompaniments, to be a musical equivalent to a painter’s colour palette. The dynamic range and articulation textures are clear and clean. Even in spots where the timbres and textures are densely packed or layered, the oboe solo is never overpowered.                                                                                                                                                                                                                – Jerry A Ozipko, „CMC Prairie”, September 2023
  • The first concert of the festival’s main edition focused on electronics and oboe solo (Aleksandra Panasik). I liked Piotr Grella-Możejko’s „GRAleksandra” the best; I felt that in terms of the potential offered by combining electronics and instrument that piece was the most interesting. I also appreciate the fact that apart from that piece all the others on the programme were world premieres (Katarzyna Arnhold, Katarzyna Taborowska, Michał Janocha, Aleksandra Bilińska). 
    – review of the recital at Poznan Spring Contemporary Music Festival, authored by Iga Batog and published in „Ruch Muzyczny” (No. 13/2023, 29 June 2023)
  • Canadian Music Centre Praire Newsletter, January 2023 about Aleksandra Panasik: This artist is a genius and every composer worth her or his mettle should write for her.
  • On 13.11.2022 the new piece of Piotr Grella-Możejko for oboe and electronics GRAleksandra will have its world premiere, as a part of the  Oboe Festival in Gdynia, PL
  • New recording is available on YouTube – now you can listen to oboe version of Sommernachtslied composed by Piotr Grella-Możejko, here is the link
  • The new article about my activity has recently been published in the polish socio-cultural magazine „Śląsk”, which can be found here   
  • […] Aleksandra Panasik’s performance [was] perhaps the most significant concert of the entire [Idealistic Festival], possibly heralding the arrival of talents, who will dominate the programmes of New Music festivals in the near future.  The oboist […] presented a recital of compositions for oboe with tape or electronics […] Panasik reaches out for the varied repertoire of non-apparent figures of contemporary music, both middle-aged such as Simms and Hong, and those slightly older, following their own paths, including Vees, or Iris Szeghy.

Antoni Michnik, Glissando (18 November 2021)


  • Currently, I’m preparing a CD featuring music for oboe and electronics by Polish and international composers. The most significant part of this project would be fulfilled with the pieces especially composed for her.  The recording is tentatively scheduled for 2023.  Updates will follow.
  • Me and Korean-American composer Sungji Hong are now collaborating on a new piece for oboe solo and for oboe and electronics.  The premiere is scheduled for 30.10.2021 during Idealistic Festival in Gdansk.
  • On 6 May 2021, I performed two works for oboe and electronics by, respectively, Jack Vees (’Apocrypha’) and Stefano Pierini (’The Importance of Being Earnest’), during the New Music at the Old Town House concert series [Nowa Muzyka w Starym Ratuszu]. The performance is available on YouTube here: